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Treeapp: plant a tree every day for free

Since 2002, the average rate of global tropical deforestation has been 8.3 million acres a year. To put that in perspective, that’s larger than the size of the country of Belgium. Every single year. This isn’t something we can overlook. Luckily for us, Treeapp has come up with a solution that can begin to turn the tide.

If statistics like one football field of rainforest disappearing every six seconds alarms you, Treeapp can help. From the comfort of your own home, simply by downloading this app and using it once a day, you can become a part of reforestation efforts around the globe. Let’s explore how.

A rainforest showing trees that could be planted with Treeapp

What is Treeapp?

Although a relatively new company, Treeapp is committed to replanting trees around the world. By downloading the app, you can directly select which reforestation project you’d like to be a part of every single day. All you need to do is look through a very short advertisement from one of their partners. Sometimes you’ll answer a question about that brand. Normally it’s something simple, like which of the three given options of a product you liked best.

Treeapp has partnered with several sustainable businesses, meaning that all the products you see have the environment in mind. Therefore, not only does Treeapp help you plant trees, but it’ll also expose you to even more environmentally-friendly brands. In other words, you’ll be helping the planet while also finding some awesome new sustainable products.

Once a day you can return to the app, answer a question, and plant a tree! They even give you a breakdown of the tree species that live in that area, helping to contextualise the species rehabilitation that you’re helping with!

If you plant four trees a week, you’ll be offsetting the average carbon output of an EU citizen! It takes less than one minute a day and you’ll be affecting a real change! What are you waiting for!

A look at their first impact report

For a company with only a year under their belt, Treeapp’s impact report shows some serious progress.

Treeapp has been planting trees across several sites around the globe. With three locations in the Americas, two in Asia, and seven in Africa, they’re taking a global initiative. From their first year of working alone, they’ve planted over 400,000 trees. That equates to 2 million m² reforested. Moving back to using countries for scale, that’s the size of Monaco!

The app partners with NGOs around the globe. These partners, like Green Ethiopia and Eden Reforestation Projects, make their plan possible. Just by logging in and answering a question, you help plant a tree in one of their 12 locations! What’s more, they’re expanding the number of brands they’re working with to get as many people in on the replanting efforts as possible. In fact, that’s where Bagmaya comes in!

girl wearing a Bagmaya sustainable backpack on a bridge above a rainforest

Our Partnership with Treeapp

Recently, we’ve partnered with Treeapp to help them achieve their sustainable goals. As you know, sustainability is at the heart of the Bagmaya ethos. We do everything in our power to have a positive impact on the globe. We use sustainable textiles, contribute to empower youth in Nepal, and are committed to slow fashion.

Now, with the help of Treeapp, every single purchase of one of our products plants a tree! Not only will you be getting a sustainable backpack, but you’ll also be contributing to the reforestation efforts around the globe!

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Had you heard of Treeapp before? Download it and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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