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Sustainable technology – 3 companies you need to know about

Living a sustainable life is more than just thrifting a couple of jumpers. We affect the planet with every action we take. From our clothes, banking practices, even down to using sustainable technology – everything counts. If you’re looking for more information about ethical banking and investing or sustainable brands for fashion, then we’ve already got you covered. In this article, I’ll introduce you to three tech companies that are investing in a sustainable future.

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Sustainable technology phone company – Fairphone

First launched in 2013, Fairphone has been making sustainable smartphones for over 7 years. They use sustainable materials, while also focusing on the longevity of their products.

A smartphone that doesn’t slow down over time means you get much more use and Fairphone has committed to making phones last longer. Using the same phone for years at a time also means you’ll have a much smaller carbon footprint. If you’re buying a new device every few months, you’ll only be adding to your footprint. By buying a Fairphone smartphone not only you’ll help preserve the planet resources, but you’ll also be spending less money in the long run.

Fairphone also tries to reduce their e-waste by repairing any phones that you send back into them. They have also committed to creating an ethical working environment. And, with 70+ employees from 20 countries, something is working! They pay fair income, give workers a voice in the workplace, and ensure workers’ safety.

When it comes to materials, alongside recycled parts, they also source responsible gold. They’ve entered into a 5-year partnership with other tech companies to take a more responsible approach to gold sourcing. Across materials, giving back to the workplace, and lowering your carbon footprint, Fairphone is a wonderful company to check out once you need to replace your smartphone.

Framework laptop for working on the go

One of the central problems with laptops, especially with the constant process of updating we are currently moving through, is a lack of compatibility. Between USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, and more, there are a lot of ports to keep track of. While some laptops are not cross-compatible, the Framework laptop gives you the freedom to full customisation.

Depending on which side ports you would like, you can select a combination. You aren’t limited to whatever comes with the laptop, but able to mix and match. If you no longer need a port, all you’ll need to do is switch it out. It’s as easy as pulling it out and then replacing it with whatever you need.

The easiest way you can reduce your environmental impact is through reuse. Now, by using a Framework laptop, you’ll be able to update your laptop as tech moves on. Another great factor is that the laptop uses 50% post-consumer recycled aluminium housing. On top of that, they use 30% PCR (post-consumer resin) plastic, alongside completely recyclable packaging.

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Last but not least in sustainable technology: House of Marley speakers

The particular speaker I’ve chosen for this list is the No Bounds Sport Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker has 12-hours of battery charge. You can also use the USB charging cable if you’re on the go. It also comes with 360-degree sound and packs a punch. Alongside being a fantastic speaker, it is also made from sustainable materials. House of Marley uses recyclable aluminum and cork in the product. These materials also help make the product waterproof and dust-proof.

With every purchase, House of Marley also donates money to plant trees across the globe. They have partnered with One Tree Planted and the Surfrider Foundation to keep our earth healthy. The company consistently uses a range of interesting mindfully sourced materials across its products. What’s not to love!

If you’re looking for some new tech, why not check out one of these brands! We’re sure you’ll love them. Do you have any recommendations for sustainable technology? Let us know in the comments down below!

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