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Sustainable luggage: 4 favourite eco-friendly options

Sustainable luggage might not be top of your list of holiday priorities this year. But it should be! After all, spring has finally sprung here in the UK and summer is right around the corner. It’s high time for a holiday. And you want it be a green one!

As every conscious traveller knows, tourism creates a significant volume of harmful emissions and waste each year. In turn, this contributes to environmental and climate issues. Investing in sustainable luggage is one way you can make a difference.

Of course, designing and engineering ethical, eco-friendly backpacks, bumbags and yoga mat bags is what we do best at Bagmaya. Sustainable luggage is who we are. So, whatever your travel plans, we are here to help you move through the warmer months ahead with greater (and greener) peace of mind.

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When buying eco-friendly luggage, it’s important to ensure brands are truly environmentally friendly (rather than merely greenwashing). Below, you will find Bagmaya’s ultimate eco-friendly recommendations for sustainable luggage and travel bags.

1. Sustainable luggage designed in Ireland with children in mind

Belfast-based bag designers Madlug sell a range of carry-on cabin bags and suitcases, as well as commuter bags, laptop cases, and more. They have a practical, bright aesthetic. Prices for travel luggage items start at £69.99.

Furthermore, Madlug are a B Corp—the gold standard of environmental and social impact.

Most of all, though, we love their story. The Madlug™ Movement supports young people in care by giving away a luggage item to a vulnerable child with every bag they sell, since tragically many children in care transport their possessions in binbags. So, by buying from a socially conscious and green company like Madlug, you’re investing in our shared future in more ways than one.

And if you’re moved to, you can even take out a charitable subscription from £10 per month to gift a bag to a child in care twelve times per year.

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2. Stylish and classic vegan weekender bags made for men (and women too!)

British brand Watson & Wolfe specialises in luxury vegan bags and accessories.

Traditional and stylish, their weekend duffel bag crafted from cork bark “leather” is a great upmarket option. Its appearance is more masculine, as the company aims to address the gap in the market for men’s vegan bags. But, its clean and classic look will appeal to many women too. The holdall is available in blue or brown. At £245, it’s definitely more of an investment sustainable luggage item! But, it’s significantly cheaper than many other vegan leather weekend bags and holdalls on the market. A matching washbag is available for £55.

Watson & Wolfe use no animal-based leathers and are cruelty-free. They line their bags with materials made from recycled plastics, boosting their environmentally-friendly credentials. What’s more, they say their products are ethical throughout the supply chain.

As well as cork leather, some of their other designs use corn leather or a microfibre-based leather. And, they offer plenty of other stylish and innovative vegan bags and gifts.

3. Light, strong, sustainable luggage crafted from plastic pots

Bigger brand Samsonite’s Magnum Eco collection ticks a lot of boxes for us, both in terms of practicality and sustainability.

Available in four different sizes, the prices for their lightweight, sustainable suitcases range from £185 to £229. All are hardside, 4-wheel spinner luggage cases.

Most importantly, they are made entirely from post-consumer plastic waste… and largely from yoghurt pots! The shell of each suitcase is composed of recycled polypropylene (around 200 pots), while the lining is formed from recycled 0.5L PET bottles. The result is an eco-friendly, durable and attractive luggage option that balances green credentials with visual appeal. And, did we mention that we love the colours? All four suitcases come in the same rich, jewel-like hues inspired by nature (maple-leaf orange, forest green, stone grey, midnight and sky blue). Also, you can personalise your case as desired.

bagmaya plastic waste yoghurt pot

But, we did note that the cases come with a five-year warranty. That’s less than some people might like, given the price and focus on sustainability.

4. Durable, eco-friendly luggage for all travel scenarios

Lastly, we have to mention Patagonia. Their duffel and travel bags are versatile and hardwearing, whether you are trekking the mountains or off on a family holiday. And they are a great option for the eco-conscious traveller too.

One of their key claims to sustainability fame is free lifelong repairs. Believing, just as Bagmaya does, that slow fashion is essential in combatting the climate crisis, Patagonia promote circular fashion through education and their generous repair scheme. So, if your product gets damaged or suffers wear and tear, you can learn how to repair it yourself through accessing Patagonia’s tutorials. Or, you can send it off to their European repair centre… free of charge.

More than a bag brand, their platform Patagonia Action Works connects people to environmental organisations local to them. We love (and share) this commitment to action and sustainability.

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Why buy eco-friendly luggage?

Sustainable luggage is more durable, minimally wasteful, and made from eco-friendly materials. What’s more, it is ethically manufactured and delivered. Eco-friendly bags are underpinned by the ethos of slow fashion. In short, they’re built both to last and to create a better world. By ensuring we make green consumer choices, we can put pressure on companies to be more sustainable.

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