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Sustainable holidays: 7 tips for an eco-friendly summer

The holiday season is a time of sun, blue skies and good vibes. We all love the summer season, especially when you’re jetting off somewhere new. Whether it’s your dream beach destination or a week in the countryside, sustainable holidays are the way forward.

Travelling isn’t the most sustainable thing to do, we all know that. From the C02 emissions released when flying, unnecessary shopping hauls from fast clothing shops to endless waste. However, there are ways to make travel more sustainable. If you’re looking for the ultimate eco-friendly summer, here are our top 7 tips for sustainable holidays.

Sustainable holiday tips

Sustainable holidays – travel methods

Jetting off high in the sky can seem like the only answer to getting to your dream destination, but there are more sustainable travel methods. Opt for the train instead or a road trip. The train emits a lot less harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Even though it can take a bit longer, it can seem like more of an adventure with endless new views out of the window. Road trips are another great way of travelling because you can put everyone in the same vehicle, and it works similar to car sharing.

Or, if you’re adamant about flying as it’s a long-haul destination, look for the airlines which promote and value sustainability and book through them.

Opt for eco-friendly sun cream

We all know the importance of applying sun cream to protect your skin. You should do this all year round really, but especially when the weather is the warmest. When it comes to buying sun cream, it can be hard to know where to begin – and how to factor in the environment.

Many creams have ingredients which can poison coral reefs. The main culprits are oxybenzone and octinoxate and you can look out for these on the ingredients list – and avoid them. The reason is that although these chemicals convert harmful UV rays into harmless heat onto the skin, they cause detrimental harm to the corals’ defences. Plus, the chemicals contribute to water pollution and rising sea levels.

Be mindful of waste

In the spirit of having fun and enjoying holidays, we often forget about the planet. Be mindful wherever you go about waste. Whether that’s picking up after yourself at the beach or not throwing away edible food, waste happens on many levels. Think before you throw out about how you can reuse something or repurpose it – or if you actually need to throw it out. For instance, food at restaurants, you can take away and store for later (if you’re staying in an apartment). 

Invest in reusable items

This leads us to reusable items. Being on holiday doesn’t mean everything is disposable. Think about the things you can bring along which are reusable. For example, tote bags to carry around shopping or use at the beach. Reusable water bottles and cutlery for drinking and eating out. Reusable straws for nights out, drinking mocktails and cocktails. And, reusable toiletries. Consider opting for solid shampoos and conditioners, instead of the liquid kind in disposable bottles.

Reusable sustainable items

Activities – the sustainable holidays type

Holidays are a time for all types of activities. However, be mindful of whether they are eco-friendly or not. Research the tour operators or websites you’re using to book excursions and see their stance on sustainability. Check what they say about helping out the planet and if they care for the animals and the environment. Try and avoid any activities which can cause lots of harm.

Invest in the local community

One thing many of us don’t appreciate is how you can travel close to home. And make sustainable holidays more of a thing. There is so much beauty in finding adventure on your doorstep and discovering new things. You can do this by planning a holiday local to you and your community. This way, it allows you to invest in the local community. Support small cafes and restaurants, shop at local boutiques and market stalls and get a taste of community in general. This can help boost the overall economy also.

Sustainable holidays accommodation

Accommodation is one of the top things to plan when travelling. This is your opportunity to do your research on finding eco-friendly or greener places to stay. The eco-accommodation scene is on the rise and can make it easier for you to find somewhere to stay. Whether it’s an apartment, hostel or hotel, search for their sustainability stance before booking.

If you’re looking to find out more about sustainability, our eco-tips blog shares all our best tips and advice. How are you travelling more sustainably this summer?

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