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Sustainable fashion brands: why bother?

The world is probably not at its best in history, and maybe sustainable fashion brands are coming up to save it. It’s almost impossible to find a single reason for the detriment of the world. However, there is no doubt that fashion – and specifically fast fashion – has played a key role in it. But with so many people, governments and corporations ignoring the facts, why should we bother to support sustainable fashion brands? Maybe because there is hope!

The story of a sustainable fashion brand

I am going to tell you a little story. There is a moral in it, so bear with me. Imagine that after years of buying fast fashion – that is, clothes and accessories that you are going to wear a couple of times before throwing away – you begin thinking that maybe that’s not the best option for the environment and the planet. But hey, everybody does it, so why bother with sustainable fashion brands?

One day, you decide to go volunteering for three months to some so-called ‘developing’ country, let’s say Nepal. The sole idea of being in a remote village in the mountains for twelve weeks scares you. But you are determined to help others and live what will probably be a life-changing experience.

sustainable fashion brands nepal village

So you get to Nepal, attend some training and get on a suspicious bus that will take you to a small village surrounded by hills. You’ll call it home for three months. You meet the locals, and they welcome you with their arms and hearts open. Slowly, you start to gain the community’s respect. They see you are committed to help them, so they start listening to you. The projects that you are working on, although small scale, seem to have a great impact in the eighty families that live there. You start feeling responsible not just for those people lives, but somehow for the entire world. You realise that your responsibility is limitless. Physically you cannot help everyone, but you are responsible for everyone.

Think global, act local

As a result, your mind starts engaging in ideas to solve the world’s problems, big and small ones. On your way back to the airport after three months, an idea pops up in your mind. You’ve seen really nice products made with some special material which you have never seen before. After asking your local friends, you find out that such material is hemp, a very sustainable material apparently. You decide to do some research online to double check about it. And they are right! You confirm that hemp is a very sustainable material, the perfect fabric for a sustainable fashion brand!

And in that precise moment, you come to the realisation that your three-month volunteering programme was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, your positive impact in Nepal had only started. The realisation – and the moral of this story – is that the real change in the world must be a long term change, not a three-month ‘do good, go home’ project.

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A new sustainable fashion brand is born

This is why we created Bagmaya. But why bother to create a sustainable fashion brand? With so many people and corporations working on the opposite direction, why bother? Well, simply because it’s what the world needs. The world needs more people like you who care about the environment, the forests, the oceans, the animals and the people. It doesn’t matter if some people don’t care, you know what’s the right thing to do.

And because you want to make this world a better place, and leave a positive legacy for future generations, we want to help you to achieve your goals. Fixing the world’s problems is just a matter of time, so the sooner we start, the sooner we get there. By advocating sustainable, slow fashion, we demonstrate that we care. We are telling non-sustainable brands that we want them to be sustainable. We want to work together and collaborate so that we can join forces and help each other.

A sustainable fashion brand is more than just an eco-friendly brand. Yes, we do care about the environment, but we can’t stop there. We are also an ethical brand, caring about people, suppliers, manufacturers, and everybody in the chain. From their health to their wages, every aspect matters. Finally, we are also a slow fashion brand. Because the average piece of clothing is worn just 14 times – these days even less! Especially in the UK, with mainstream brands producing low-quality ‘use-dispose’ fashion clothes and accessories, we need to change it. It’s key to make things to last, and timeless – so they don’t follow fashion trends.

sustainable fashion brand backpack green field

We have no doubts. We want a home and a wardrobe which is slow fashion, with products from sustainable fashion brands. And your wardrobe, is it more slow or fast fashion? Leave a comment below!



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