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Sustainable Christmas gifts for an eco-friendly holiday season

The holiday season is upon us – we can already smell mulled wine when entering pubs and hear Michael Bublé’s Christmas songs from afar. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately, it’s also the most wasteful. About £42 million worth of Christmas gifts find their way into our landfills every year, making sustainable gift shopping more important than ever. So in this post, we want to talk about sustainable Christmas gifts ideas, and how to be eco-minded whilst picking presents that friends and family will love. Let’s keep the Christmas magic alive and enjoy the joy of giving, by giving back to earth and society. Get excited, as this is your ultimate guide to sustainable and eco-friendly Christmas gifts!

Hands holding a sustainable Christmas gift in craft paper

Shopping tips for sustainable Christmas gifts

Finding the right gift for your loved ones is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It becomes even more complicated when we start thinking about the environmental impact of our gifts and trying to find sustainable presents. However, in reality, shopping for sustainable Christmas gifts is super fun and extremely satisfying. We can make a big difference for the earth and the society we live in, just by changing a few shopping habits. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in for a treat. Here are our shopping tips for finding eco-friendly Christmas gifts and making your shopping experience more sustainable. 

Shop online

Shop online to avoid additional car trips and reduce your carbon footprint. For greener online shopping, make sure to bundle your gift orders and don’t leave it to the last minute, so you can avoid the express delivery option (as this is more expensive for your wallet as well as creating additional strain on your carbon footprint). 

Use your own bags

Use your own reusable shopping bags if you’re not a big fan of shopping online and prefer to go to your local shops. If you can do your Christmas shopping in one go to avoid multiple trips with the car or public transport, that would be amazing too!

Shop local

Try to buy from local merchants and markets, or independent shops whenever possible to support the local economy and small businesses. Also, their products tend to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to big retail chains.

Pay attention to the small print

To make sure that you’re buying ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts, opt for durable, recyclable and fair trade products made from natural materials. If they are locally made or organically grown, that’s even better!

Make your own sustainable Christmas gifts

If you’re one of those crafty people, you can knit, sew, bake or embroider your own gifts. Use recycled materials such as recycled yarn or fabrics from charity shops to make your gifts even more sustainable. 

Flat lay of a handmade knitted headband being wrapped in brown paper as a sustainable Christmas gift

Gift an experience

Rather than buying products that may end up in landfills, gift an experience, such as a voucher for a workshop or a ticket to a theatre. 

Support a cause

Consider donating to a charity on behalf of your friend or a relative, who is passionate about a specific cause.

Know what to avoid

Avoid plastic or battery-powered products and toys. If you really need batteries, then buy rechargeable ones and add them to your gift with a recharging station. 

Be mindful about the carbon footprint

Always consider your chosen gift’s carbon footprint and lookout for ways to offset it. For example, look for companies who do their part in helping our planet, such as planting a tree with your purchase.

Enjoy the experience

And most importantly, enjoy your sustainable shopping experience and you’ll be amazed by the unlimited choices there are. 

We know it feels like a lot to take in, but once you’re in this eco-conscious mindset, it will slowly start to become easier and more natural. The trick is not to be too hard on yourself and to continue with taking small steps towards a bigger goal. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

When it comes to giving sustainable Christmas gifts, it’s not just what’s on the inside that matters, but also what’s on the outside. Don’t undo all your good work by wrapping your eco friendly gifts in traditional non-recyclable wrapping paper. There are some fabulous eco-friendly, recyclable wrapping paper options, such as plantable seed papers! Infused with wildflower seeds, this amazing wrapping paper will turn into beautiful, bee-friendly flowers once planted. As another option, you can utilise your old scarves and handkerchiefs to create an uber-chic yet sustainable gift wrap. Additionally, you can opt for dried flowers or tree branches rather than using the standard plastic or glittery accessories for the finishing touches.

Hands decorating sustainable christmas gift in linen fabric with green fir branch.

Encourage your friends and relatives to open their gifts carefully, so that they can reuse the wrapping paper when it’s their turn to give gifts. 

Sustainable Christmas gift ideas

Shopping for ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts is enjoyable and fun, as there are so many great gift options. You’re guaranteed to come across some amazing products that you didn’t even know existed. If you do a bit of research online, you will be filled with inspiration and spoiled for choice.

To give you a head start, we have compiled a list of sustainable Christmas gift ideas for inspiration with a little help from Santa’s eco-conscious elves. 

Wish list for sustainable Christmas gifts

1. Bamboo socks

Gift beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo socks from Leiho, and help provide basic essentials for those in need. With every pair you buy, Leiho will gift another pair to homeless shelters. 

2. Organic spice box

lf you have friends or relatives, who love cooking and trying new recipes, Tea Spoon Club’s organic and fair-trade spice boxes are the perfect gift. They come in compostable boxes, suitable for home composting, with recycled labels. Plus, for each order they receive, they plant a tree in the specific spices’ country.

3. Self-care kit for expecting mothers

Pamper expecting mothers with Moksa’s ‘Mama me-time self-care kit’. Ethically sourced and beautifully handcrafted in Devon, all Moksa products are 100% natural. This gorgeous set includes four nourishing products and an organic cotton cleansing cloth all in a sweet little cotton bag, what’s not to love?

4. Zero waste starter kit

Get a zero waste starter kit from Wakecup for your eco-minded friends and family members. Feel good knowing that 10% of your spending is going towards the Marine Conservation Society’s work to protect marine life. 

5. Cork yoga mat

Cork yoga mats are a great choice, not just for eco-conscious yogis, but for all yoga lovers with their non-slip and antibacterial features. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of available options! Moreover, you can gift the yoga mat together with our hemp yoga mat bag for the ultimate sustainable yoga kit. 

Girl carrying an eco friendly hemp yoga mat bag

6. Cruelty-free and vegan skincare products

What about handcrafted, cruelty-free and vegan skincare products from an independent, woman-owned company? North Wales based Flawless’ skincare products are the perfect sustainable gift for those interested in skincare, beauty and wellness products. 

7. Repurposed coconut bowls

We love the idea of repurposed coconut bowl sets from Clean U. They look super cool and handy, plus they provide a well-needed second income to Vietnamese communities by giving them a chance to repurpose coconut shells. Instead of being burned after harvest, they act as beautiful food bowls.

8. Eco-friendly candle set

Who doesn’t love candles? Well-being candle set from Little Karma includes a trio of mini eco-friendly candles made using purely natural wax and 100% essential oils. You can also add custom labels at checkout to make you gift more special. 

9. Sustainable kid crafts

Sprinkles Creations UK offers wonderfully creative sustainable gift ideas for the little ones, such as a mini seed bomb kit that kids can mix and get their hands messy before planting them outdoors or indoors. Or a dinosaur themed reusable cotton bag complete with soy wax crayons so that the kids can personalise their bags. 

10. Plantable pencils

We were serious when we said you’ll come across some products you didn’t know existed. How about plantable pencils?! Made from sustainably certified wood, you can plant your Sprout pencils when they are too short to draw with and watch them grow into flowers, herbs or vegetables. It’s the perfect sustainable Christmas gift for the creative-minded. 

Once you’ve done your Christmas shopping, showcase your gifts underneath a sustainable Christmas tree, decorated with eco-friendly ornaments. Make this Christmas the start of your sustainability journey and experience the joy of sustainable giving!

Share your Christmas wish list below – who knows, maybe Santa will leave it underneath your Christmas tree!

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