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Sustainable brands: our top 5 pick for your wardrobe

In a previous post, we spoke about slow fashion and the top five reasons to adopt it in your wardrobe. Challenging you to try this year, we understand you might find yourself unsure of where to start. Which is exactly why we wanted to check back in to share five of our favourite sustainable brands. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be overpriced and these brands prove it.

girl with backpack from fashionable sustainable brands

One of our favourite sustainable shoe brands

Based in Germany, vegan shoe brand BAHATIKA are fully focused on fair fashion. Started up in 2017, CEO Ralph Dreher recognised the need for creating stylish shoes that allowed its wearer to express themselves without it costing the planet. So, they came up with three goals in their approach to design; respect for people and animals. As well as, passion for timeless design and sustainability, and knowing the environment comes first. And they fulfil all three goals by not only creating great products but by also planting a tree for every pair of shoes purchased and taking a greener approach to packaging and shipping. With a ton of variety and fair prices, the hardest decision would be which pair you choose.

Looking for sustainable clothing brands?

The Thought Clothing collection is huge, but it wasn’t always this way. Started back in 1995 with only a couple of shirts, this brand continues to go from strength to strength as they have done over twenty years. Because the team are so considerate of everything they do, they have managed to commit to sustainable sourcing and considered design. Which not only makes their clothes beautiful but also kind to the environment. Using materials such as hemp, bamboo and organic cotton, garments aren’t just unique and well made, they’re also comfortable. You can expect to pay between £20 – £150 depending on what you’re after, but they’ll certainly have something for you to love.

Long-lasting, sustainable backpacks

We couldn’t possibly cover our favourite sustainable brands and not mention our own. Bagmaya takes the greatest care to create high-quality products that look great and love the planet. Using hemp fabrics, we manage to keep water usage low during the production process. We recycle rice bags for the inner layers, use flowers for more natural dyes and take a completely plastic-free approach to packaging. Every step is environmentally friendly and empowering to the people who help us make our bags. With a sustainable hemp Bagmaya backpack, you can be stylish without a guilty conscience.

favourite sustainable brands Bagmaya backpack

Top sustainable accessories…

It can be difficult to find good quality accessories that aren’t harmful to animals or the environment. Yet, Votch has found a way. Completely cruelty-free and made with recycled content, they’re reinventing the leather strap to create beautiful watches. Another thing we love about this company is how customisable your watch is. There’s a variety of straps to try and all without a hefty price tag. Did we mention they also partner with a different charity every three months? Donating 10% of their proceeds, they’re a company who fully believe in giving back. Understated, affordable and beautiful, Votch is the way to go if you’re in the market for a new watch.

… and activewear brand

There’s so much to love about TALA. By creating quality clothes that’ll last a long time, they’re keeping it out of landfill. A great start, but they’re also using recycled materials and in doing so, reducing the resources needed during production. To boot, they use 100% recyclable plastic for their packaging and the tags are plantable. Yes, you read that right. At TALA, you can rip off your tag, plant it in some soil and grow a flower, herb or spice. Created with all shapes and sizes in mind, this range is simple but beautiful, making it hard to want to wear anything else!

That’s it for our favourite sustainable brands, now we’d like to hear from you. Let us know in the comments which brands you’ll be backing this year.

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