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Living a sustainable summer: top 10 tips

It’s time for a sustainable summer. Summer: the season of adventures, cute swimsuits and non-stop good memories. As a time of exciting times, we know how busy it is and the effect it can have on the planet. And, this is where we need sustainable summer tips.

Whether you’re a sunset chaser, travel enthusiast or beach lover, and looking to do your bit for the planet this summer season, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a guide sharing our top 10 summer tips on how you can live a more sustainable summer.

living a sustainable summer

Wear ethical swimsuits

Summertime means days at the beach and endless holidays, and it’s where gorgeous swimsuits fit in. As many of us know, the fast fashion industry is a large contributor to global warming and waste. This is why many new brands are hitting the market with an ethical standpoint, crafting the clothes using organic materials and sustainable methods.

We know how tempting it can be to purchase cheap swimsuits and bikinis from your local Primark. However, ethically-made swimsuits are better. Not only do they have a sustainable origin but as they’re made with better quality materials, the pieces are an investment. This means they will last a lot longer than any fast fashion clothing piece. 

Use eco-friendly sunscreen

Sunscreen is a summer stable to ensure your skin is protected from powerful UV rays and your chance of skin cancer. Even on cloudy days, it’s important to use SPF and protect your skin. The shops can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing a sunscreen with plenty on offer, but it’s important to be wary that not all sunscreen is good for the environment.

As many sunscreens can poison coral reefs, it’s important to pick an eco-friendly sunscreen. You need to look out for the main chemical culprits, oxybenzone and octinoxate, when purchasing sunscreen. These chemicals convert harmful UV rays into harmless heat on the human skin, which is good for us but not the corals. When the chemicals are in the water, they decrease corals’ defences damaging their development. It can also contribute to ocean acidification, rising sea temperatures and water pollution.

Take part in beach cleans 

We all know during the summertime, many people flock to local and afar beaches for their seaside fix. This is all fun and games for creating incredible memories, but often, plenty of visitors leave their rubbish which contributes to polluted beaches. If you’re able to, volunteer for local beach cleans or when you’re at the beach, bring a spare rubbish bag and pick up any litter you may see.

Avoid using disposable party supplies

Party season is among us: BBQs at the beach, garden parties, large gatherings and weddings. It’s an exciting time for us all, but it can also be a big contributor to waste as a whole. This is where a sustainable summer comes into play. One way to do this is to invest in reusable party supplies. Gone are the days of disposable cutlery, cups and napkins, now it’s all about investing in the reusable kind. There are many options on the market for reusable party supplies. Or if you have no option but to use disposable, choose the compostable ones over plastic.

Sustainable summer holidays

Sustainable travel is a hot topic at the minute. Over the last decade, travel has increased with it becoming a lot more accessible for many, which actually results in an overall negative impact on the environment. There are many different ways to travel sustainably this summer from utilising walking, switching planes to trains, researching how eco your accommodation is, shopping locally when abroad to packing an array of eco-friendly travel essentials.

Shop at locally sourced food markets 

Food markets are an absolute dream and usually sell the freshest type of local food. Whether you’re in your hometown this summer or travelling, shop at locally-sourced food markets. This method is a lot more sustainable because it has a shorter food supply chain than imported processed foods, boasting a lesser carbon footprint. Plus, buying locally is a great way to invest in the local community.

Embrace outdoor cooking

The hot weather is not only an excuse to eat outside but cook outside. To keep it eco friendly, try to use electric grills over charcoal or wood grills because it emits less carbon into the atmosphere.

Ensure you recycle after every event

Outdoor barbeques, big gatherings and beach activities are the exciting parts of summer. When cleaning up, ensure you recycle correctly. Put the plastics and cardboard in the right bins, to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

Use sustainable summer accessories 

The world of sustainability is vastly growing with plenty of sustainable accessories. This can make your summer experience even better because not only will you look cute, but you’ll be helping the planet along the way. From our sustainable backpacks and bum bags to many other items on the market including bamboo sunglasses, tote bags and jewellery.

bagmaya sustainable beach backpacks

Bring along sustainable summer essentials 

This leads to sustainable items to carry on the go. We know summertime means many activities and it’s essential to ensure you’re ready to go at all times. Items include reusable water bottles, tote bags, reusable cutlery and food wraps. All of these things can be a blessing for your summer picnics especially. 

For more information about sustainable lifestyle tips, our eco-tips blog shares all our best advice. How are you going to be more sustainable this summer?

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