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Building a sustainable wardrobe – top tips for beginners

The future of fashion is far from fast. In recent years, more and more people are ditching fast fashion and moving to more conscious shopping habits. Thankfully, slow fashion is currently all the rage. If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re in luck. In this article, I’ll break down how you can easily start building a sustainable wardrobe. You’re able to get new pieces for your wardrobe without harming the planet by doing so.

With around 100 billion fashion items produced every year, it’s easy to see why the fashion industry contributes 8% of global climate pollution. One of the easiest ways you can help get that number down is by turning to sustainable fashion. Building a sustainable wardrobe is easy, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

First of all, embrace the weird!

The fashion industry often employs a range of textiles that negatively impact the planet. From staying in landfills to being pumped full of harmful toxins, clothes significantly damage the environment. In order to get around that, you need to start embracing the wonderful and strange environmentally-friendly fabrics that are currently out there.

If I told you a few years ago that you could get a bag made completely from fermented yeast, would you have believed me? Probably not. But the world is changing, and we need to change with it! The US-based company Modern Medow has produced collagen fibres from adding a sugar compound to yeast cells. Once they have those fibres, they can then press and tan the sheets into a workable textile. There are tonnes of examples of strange ways of producing clothing fibres. Instead of sticking to what you know, get ready to try out some other materials!

I’ve even got you covered on this front. We’ve written an article on the most environmentally-friendly textiles. Check out the list and see if you can incorporate them into your wardrobe!

Sustainable materials on a clothes line

When building a sustainable wardrobe, avoid unnatural colours

You might love a deep bold red or a neon yellow, but they may actually be harming the environment. During the manufacturing process, brands will use harsh chemicals to alter the colour of a garment. These are often toxic for the environment when they enter water supplies, affecting biodiversity.

Instead of going for incredibly bold colours, try to opt for more neutral tones. Tones that are siphoned from natural plants tend to be more muted. For now, make sure to make some research before you buy to ensure the manufacturer uses natural dyes. Remember, go natural where you can!

Guy building a sustainable wardrobe wearing bagmaya sustainable backpack in nature

Our top tip for building a sustainable wardrobe is to buy statement pieces

You want to avoid fast fashion at all costs. Don’t simply buy something only to wear it once or twice. Instead, try and opt for sustainable fabrics that will last you a lifetime. Change your mindset and be happy with wearing something multiple times. If you find an item that you love, only buy it if you can see yourself using it several times. Not only will this save you money in the long term, but will also help the planet!

An excellent example of a piece that uses environmentally-friendly materials and natural dyes is our very own Bagmaya sustainable backpack range. We make our bags from hemp, which is significantly better for the environment than other materials. What’s more, they are incredibly durable. By opting for brands like us, you’ll get statement pieces while also avoiding fast and harmful fashion.

Try to fill your wardrobe with brands that think like you do. If you want to live a sustainable life, start with your wardrobe. Look for natural fibres, use every piece again and again, and always buy second-hand where you can!

Are you ready to build a more sustainable wardrobe? Let us know in the comments down below your best tip towards building a sustainable wardrobe!

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