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Best yoga backpacks: what to look out for

If you’ve recently gotten into yoga and are looking for the best yoga backpacks, you’ve come to the right place. Yoga has taken the world by storm in recent years. In our busy world, taking a second to centre yourself is always a great idea. With both physical and mental benefits, what’s not to love!

When it comes to the best yoga backpacks, we need to establish certain criteria. First of all, it needs to be spacious enough to fit a yoga mat. Of course, without this feature, the bag is a total bust. Second of all, I’m only including brands that have a commitment to sustainability. I’m looking for environmentally-friendly materials, sustainable goals, and social awareness. We want to make sure we avoid fast fashion where we can!

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Best yoga backpacks – Kindfolk yoga mat Duffel bag

First up on our list of best yoga backpacks is the duffle bag by Kindfolk. Coming in a wide range of patterns, this bag is sure to have something you love. The bag measures 26”x8”x8”, which is more than enough room to store your yoga mat. The bag also holds keys and other smaller items, having an external pocket.

Best of all, Kindfolk products are completely vegan. They use man-made leather, avoiding any animal products in their production. On top of that, they have a commitment to women empowerment. For every sale, they donate $1 to charities that help educate women around the globe.

You’ll get a stylish new bag, while also helping the planet!

Sustain Yoga cork backpack

The second addition to our list is Sustain Yoga’s cork backpack. First of all, cork comes from harvesting the bark of cork oak trees. Due to this, the process doesn’t harm the tree, allowing it to continue living after harvesting. This not only produces the material, but also ensures trees keep absorbing CO2. Following this process, these cork trees will live for generations, keeping a constant supply.

On top of that, cork is also biodegradable, which means no long-term waste. The aesthetic of the bag is really interesting, cork giving a distinct style. Considering that every piece of cork harvested is different, your bag will be unique to you.

Of course, these bags are large enough to contain a yoga mat. On top of that, they have extra room for additional accessories. They are water-resistant and are easy to clean. All you’ll need to do is wipe the bag down.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a unique and sustainable bag!

Bagmaya best yoga backpack beach photo with woman doing yoga pose

Our top pick for the best yoga backpack – Bagmaya

We couldn’t go through a whole list of the best yoga backpacks without mentioning our own! We’ve worked hard to ensure that every part of our product is sustainable. From the materials we use, right up to the carbon-neutral UK shipping. Sustainability is the heart of our brand!

All of our Bagmaya eco yoga mat bags are handcrafted from hemp. When compared to materials like cotton, hemp requires much less space and significantly less water to grow. Producing 1kg of hemp requires 500 litres of water, compared to the 20,000 litres of water needed to produce 1kg of cotton. But the material we use is only the beginning!

Our aim is to empower people from disadvantaged communities at risk of social exclusion. We also donate 10% of our profits to Yuwa, a charity that promotes youth empowerment in Kathmandu.

Even the packaging we’ve used is eco-friendly as it’s made up of 66% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Right from delivery, you’ll be ready to go.

Our final product is durable, comfortable, and stylish. All in all, with a proven system that is sustainable, we deliver a product you can be proud of.

Sustainable fashion is the future. Have you considered switching to a sustainable yoga backpack? Let us know in the comments below which of our best yoga backpacks you loved!

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