Our sustainable products
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Sustainable backpacks

Sustainable, quality backpacks made to last. Your perfect companion for work, university and travels.

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Ethical bum bags

Ethical, stylish bum bags to carry your valuables. Your inseparable buddy for weekend trips, travels and festivals.

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Eco-friendly yoga mat bags

Eco-friendly, practical yoga mat bags made with 100% hemp. Ideal for your yoga practices, retreats and travels.

100% of our customers would recommend us to a friend,
and this is what they are saying about our products:

“The best backpack I have ever bought. Everything was perfect from the carbon-neutral delivery and plastic-free packaging to the actual product itself.”
Ameena M.
Happy customer, owner of our Yaiza backpack

“Extremely recommended! My Bagmaya backpack is not only stylish and made from 100% natural and sustainable materials, but practically fantastic.”
Doug G.
Ultra-marathon runner and satisfied owner of our Dakhla backpack.

“The Pushkar yoga mat bag is amazing! My girlfriend loved it and she was really impressed with the quality of the materials and the sustainable purpose of the brand.”
Alessio O.
Happy customer with a happy girlfriend, owner of our Pushkar yoga mat bag.

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